Best way to purchase a Digital Jukebox for my pub?

Nov 1, 20230 comments

Best way to purchase a Digital Jukebox for my pub?

Digital Jukeboxes are still proving popular in pubs around the UK. It is a must to make sure your Jukebox is online, as this way not only will your customers have access to any songs, but the top selling songs are automatically downloaded to the Jukebox in the evening. Having the latest jukebox creates a better atmosphere within your venue and also has been proven to keep customers within the pub or social club longer.

What are the costs?

You can rent a Jukebox and then keep all of the revenue that goes into the Jukebox each week, or the other option is to have no rent or hire costs and have the Jukebox on a revenue share deal. With this option we come and empty the monies and then share the profit from the jukebox.

With either option there are no install costs, as we install the Jukebox, speakers, and digital volume controller free of charge. We also maintain the jukebox on-going with both of the above options. If you are interested in a digital jukebox for your pub on the rental or revenue share deal please give us a call to arrange a site visit.

During a site visit we can discuss price of play, how many volume zones you require, if you would like outdoor speakers in your smoking area and location of the jukebox and speakers.