Fruit Machine Supplier Leamington Spa

Apr 8, 20240 comments

Globe Automatics Leamington Spa

Globe Automatics became part of Comrie just over four years ago. We wanted to post about this as we still get the odd telephone call asking for Globe.

Globe Automatics were based in Leamington Spa and supplied fuit machines, pool tables and jukeboxes to pubs and clubs in Warwick, Stratford upon Avon, Kenilworth, and Coventry.

They were a small family fruit machine operator owned by Phil Sturgess with two service engineers, one of which joined the Comrie team when we completed the purchase of Globe Automatics.

We are happy to say, four years later we still supply all the Globe customers to this day and are pleased that their customers have been updated with the new digital fruit machines to move with the times.