Hospitality trade bodies call for cashless payments on fruit machines

Apr 2, 20240 comments

Hospitality trade bodies call for cashless payments on machines

UK Hospitality and the British Beer and Pub Association have jointly supported proposals to allow cashless payments on gaming machines.

In joint response to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the trade bodies stressed the need for debit card use on machines whilst also highlighting the importance of sensible and proportionate safeguards being included to protect players.

In a joint statement, the trade bodies said: “We are pleased that the Government is reviewing the regulations for machines in our sector. Amusement machines have long been a fixture in pubs, enjoyed by customers a valued as a revenue stream for operators.”

“We support the proposals to bring the regulations into the modern age by allowing cashless payments in a proportionate way that included important safeguards, in particular the exclusion of credit cards. These changes would be significant for pub and other leisure operators to future proof this part of their business and, as a sector, we are keen to continue working with DCMS on implementing these proposals and developing proportionate safeguards alongside this.”

This is needed to bring pubs and social clubs digital gaming machines up to date for the modern day. As we all know the younger generation and many other people do not now carry cash and use contactless or phones to pay day to day. This is stopping customers from playing gaming machines in pubs and clubs as we cannot put contactless on machines until the present rules change. This will also help with stopping anyone under age or wants to exclude themselves from playing any gaming machine. The technology is all there, we just need the government to make the changes to bring land based fruit machines up to date with modern day payments.