" The new multi poker machine did so well we decided to have 2 of them. At first I did not think this machine was for me and my pub but there was no cost implications so I decided to go with a free trial. It has proven to be very popular with both our male and female customers, it's also attracted customers to play who don't usually play our machines. The machines popularity has proved itself every time it's emptied and I made good profit. I would definitely recommend the Joker Poker Machine to other licensees."
Murphys Bar, Leamington Spa, Kev Murphy

Joker Poker Machines For Rent or Hire at no cost to you

When walking through a casino, there are so many slots to keep track of, but one of the most common and popular is the Joker Poker machines. The Joker Poker machines put some of the luck into player's hands and allows them to win big jackpots by playing a normal five-card draw game with a few jokers mixed in. Now you can have a Joker Poker machine installed in your Pub or Social Club.

Joker Poker is a low tech Video Gaming Machine based on a five card stud poker. Cards are randomly selected from a deck of fifty three cards. Five cards are dealt, holds are offered, unheld cards are replaced, a winning sequence of cards then result in a monetary award with each win offering the chance to go into a hi-lo gamble and increase the winnings with the player collecting or being given the option to continue to gamble.

Comrie Automatics supplies a number of Joker Poker machines for hire or rent to pubs, clubs, social clubs, rugby clubs, snooker clubs, sports bar or private members clubs throughout the Midlands on a simple profit share basis, which means no rent and no contract.

The Joker Poker Machines have durable and stylish cabinets and are specifically designed to suit any venue and give the player the excitement and feel of playing live poker. Poker has become a "must" play game live on the internet and you can now earn money from poker with this winning machine.

If you would like to discuss hiring a Joker Poker machine and how to tailor it to best suit your customers´ needs and are interested in a free trial then please contact us.

Joker Poker features:

  • Attractive casino cabinet
  • Five card stud poker
  • 17" LCD screen
  • Note acceptor

Key points:

  • A high earning video poker game
  • No rent and no contract
  • Available for all pubs, clubs, rugby club, snooker club, sports bar or private members club
  • Allows you to cash in on the current poker craze


  • Who provides a float for the machine? - Comrie Automatics provide a full float for the machine upon installation.
  • What is the cost to me? - Nothing! No rent, no contract, free installation and free on-site technical support. The Joker Poker machine is based upon a simple profit share basis.

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"The Multi Poker machine has proved to be very profitable from the day it was installed. We are very pleased with its performance. I would highly recommend the Multi Poker machine as it has been so successful in our pub that we installed two machines."

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