"A fantastic jukebox with a great selection of music from all different eras and all the latest music regulary updated to keep our customers of all ages happy. Definitely ring Comrie for your jukebox quote""

Craig, Craven Arms, Coventry

Jukebox supplier for Rental or Hire at no cost to you

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Comrie Automatics is a leading supplier of JukeBoxes throughout the Midlands. The rental or hire of our digital jukebox systems couldn't be easier and offers you outstanding audio quality and state of the art craftsmanship with our juke boxes creating the perfect atmosphere in your pub, club, snooker club, rugby club, private members club, students union or entertainment venue.

Our Pay-per-play touch screen jukebox music system can be expertly installed to fit any size of venue and with the digital downloading of music onto our digital jukebox machines it now means that you can have a perfectly profiled selection of tunes for your customers.


So why hire or rent a digital jukebox?

  • Digital jukeboxes have no cd's, so no stuck or skipping track;
  • Digital juke boxes are self-contained in one wall mounted unit;
  • Digital jukeboxes have an easy to use touch-screen display.
  • Digital juke boxes are updated every month online
  • Digital jukeboxes can be linked to Top of the Pops Top 40, including all UK chart hits ever released;
  • Digital jukeboxes are profiled for each site individually
  • Digital jukeboxes monitor what's being played and automatically removes unpopular tracks when it's updated.

Other Jukebox features:

  • Choice - 1000's of bands, artists, tracks and various music categories.
  • New Music Updates - Hundreds of the very latest singles and album chart releases updated each month.
  • Zone control - Allows you to set different volume levels in various areas i.e. bar, lounge and outside.
  • Outdoor speakers - Ideal for outdoor areas.
  • Special events modes - Allows you to switch from jukebox to TV / Sky sound through one system.

We can supply you with the latest jukeboxes in your pub or social club at no cost, so with no rent or hire charges you will have no uncertainity that you can only profit with a revenue share deal. We can have ajukebox installed in your public house or social club within 7 days, so if you are based in the east or west midlands please call us on 024 7669 2992. The areas we cover on our revenue share deal are: Bedworth, Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Leicester, Northampton (Northamptonshire), Nuneaton, Solihull, Walsall, Warwick, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton.

Our range of digital jukeboxes for hire or rental includes the Sound Leisure top of the pops and one stop boxes that are capable of holding upto 30,000 audio tracks and 7,000 video tracks. The juke box system is easily updated with the latest music via CD or remote download.

The jukeboxes offer a featured packed touch screen menu incorporating a range of search options enabling users to search for any Top 40 Hit from 1952 to the present day. The different jukebox cabinets offer varying degrees of screen size, watt output and design which would look good in any bar, pub or club.

As suppliers of jukeboxes, a Comrie Automatic's employee will install the digital jukebox with the option of different sound zones for your bar, lounge and smoking areas and provides a quality sound and quality appearance in any location.

Before installation Comrie Automatics will perform a full site survey to ensure all systems are installed to meet your specific requirements.

Our digital juke box machines can be installed on a revenue share basis, resulting in significant machine rental income at no cost to you at any time. With no contract or tie-in, we can arrange to install the digital jukebox free of charge in your pub, bar, social club sports bar, staff canteen or lorry park and also offer free technical support.

For further details on our digital jukeboxes please contact us and we will be happy to run through our digital jukebox features and profit sharing deals with you.

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"We are all really happy with our jukebox from Comrie. There is no fixed cost to the pub and we always make a profit"

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"A fantastic jukebox with a great selection of music from all different eras and all the latest music regulary updated to keep our customers of all ages happy. Definitely ring Comrie for your jukebox quote."

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"Great Jukebox, great music selection, my customers love and it didn't cost me a penny.  Thank you Comrie Automatics."