March 2024 deadline set for King Charles III note update

Jan 15, 20240 comments

March 2024 deadline set for King Charles III note update

The Bank of England has asked that all businesses complete machine updates for the new King Charles III note by March 2024.

“If your business uses, or is responsible, for any machines that accept, sort, or check banknotes, you need to plan for their adaptation to work with the new note designs” said a statement from the financial institution.

“We ask that all businesses complete relevant machine updates by the end of March 2024 at the latest”.

The Bank of England specified that gaming machines will need the update, adding that some banknote equipment manufacturers have already began to release them. It expects the banknotes featuring the King’s portrait to be released by mid-2024, with any queries regarding the update directed to

Here at Comrie we have been busy ensuring that all our fruit machines in Pubs and Social Clubs have the latest note units on. This is not only for this new bank note coming in to circulation but also ensures that no fake notes are accepted. If you have a pub or social club in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Walsall, Wolverhampton or any areas around these cities, please get in contact to ensure your machines have the latest note units on. #