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The facts – Dart’s is the 9th most popular sport in the UK. The World Darts Championship final had 1.25 million viewers.

The standard dartboard is 18 inches in diameter.

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) was formed in 1992.

Darts roots date back to the Middle Ages as a game played by soldiers using short arrows or darts. It gradually turned into the game we know today, using smaller and more streamlining darts.

Darts has always been a popular pub game since I can remember but lately a certain young 17 year old bursting onto the scene, it has given a spotlight on the sport. Luke Littler has propelled the sport for the next generation of darts players.

It is a great time for pubs and social clubs to cash in on the rising popularity of the sport. And yes, it is an official sport recognised international sports associations and played in over 100 countries.

I was lucky enough to go to see the Premier League Darts in Birmingham. What a great atmosphere and seeing Luke Littler battle it out with Peter Wright plus watching other darts champions that are regularly on our TV screens like Michael Van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price.

I know many people question, is it a sport as they are not athletes. Watching them hit the treble twenty so regular and making the game look so easy like each top professional of their sport does, was great to see. Michael Van Gerwen went on to beat Luke Littler in the final.

The atmosphere was amazing, with over 18,000 people in attendance and hundreds in fancy dress! I also got to meet a former world number one darts player, Peter Manley.

It was a great night out mixed with a few beers of course, if you get the chance I would definitely go. I learnt how passionate the fans were and the bars were busy. There is an opportunity for pubs and clubs to have a darts area and profit from the sport popularity.

How is my darting ability? Well, I am no Iron Man, more of a chucker!

Whilst we probably all know some of the of the well-known darts jargon like – The Oche, checkout, bullseye. I was hearing and learning some new darts slang –

Devil – A devil dart is hitting treble six.

Fat – The fat is the large area of a number that is found between the double and treble.

Game on – called by the referee to signal silence from the crowd to start the game.

Great fun night out and it was great to hear since that Luke littler has won the Premier League, which will no doubt elevate the sport even more!