May 9, 20230 comments

Pubs must “adapt to survive” in harsh trading conditions

A report in the academic journal The Conversation outlined the significant role pubs play in their communities and the cluster of challenges they now face.

“Hospitality industry bodies warn more than one third of the sector is at risk of failure in early 2023 due to the rising cost of doing business” stated the report. “After surviving COVID (many of them barely,) UK hospitality businesses are now facing soaring energy bills.”

“Food and drinks businesses are also dealing with difficulties finding staff and an unstable political environment that is not prioritising small business support.”

With the cost of living crisis already impacting the spending power of customers during the financially crucial festive period, pubs have warned that the added ramifications of planned train strikes could cost £1.5bn in Christmas sales.

Add on top the rising cost of brewing the beer itself- due in part to the tenfold increase in the cost of carbon dioxide due to supply issues and concerns are high for the future of the pub industry, as well as the communities they support.

“When local pubs and breweries close it’s not just a pub that is lost, it’s often a community hub, particularly in rural areas where hospitality businesses might be the lone employers and are often a significant part of the local supply chains.”

“In Britain especially, losing a pub not to mention losses in the thriving beer and culture – can extinguish a part of the local heritage and culture, and a key element of the tourism and visitor economy.”

January is always a harder time for local pubs and social clubs, but this January is somewhat different! With the cost of living crisis, energy bills rising, staff shortages, and the general fear factor of people stopping them spending as much. The above article hits home that a local pub is so much more than just a drinking establishment! At Comrie we appreciate how important our local pubs and social clubs are to the local people.