May 9, 20230 comments

Time to cash in old notes

A warning has been issued by the Bank of England to anyone with specific £20 or £50 cash paper notes in the UK.

People have been rushing to get notes changed because, from the 30th  September 2022, paper £20 and £50 notes will be redundant.

However, the soon to be redundant notes can be swapped for new polymer ones at the Bank of England, as well as high street banks and some Post Offices.

It has been stressed that there is no deadline to swap old notes for new ones, but it has been reported that consumers are still rushing to swap them.

The notes do not have to be swapped; people can also deposit them into their accounts.

Our fruit machines in pubs and clubs are currently accepting the new and old notes as they can still be banked. We will change this when the new notes with our new King’s picture come out.