Top Digital Fruit Machines in Pubs

Oct 11, 20230 comments

Top Digital Fruit Machines in Pubs

If you have been in a Managed pub lately you will have noticed that nearly all Fruit Machines today are digital. The days of looking up the glass to see what symbol to nudge down are long gone.

Digital fruit machines have become so popular due to the number of games on one machine and the quality of the games. Traditional analogue Fruit Machines are getting rare these days as customers want to play the latest digital Fruit Machines.

So, what are the best digital Fruit Machines in pubs today? This list has come from the takings from managed house pubs that belong to big breweries and also what we are seeing in pubs that we supply.

The top spot is a close call but just winning at number one is…….

1 – Prismatic

2 – Alphamax

3 – Games Master 2

These are without doubt the best digital Fruit Machines and we have tried and tested all different makes and models in different pubs.

If you would like to chat about these leading machines, digital Fruit Machines on hire for your pub or social club, please call Comrie on 02476 692992.

By not having the latest machines you are definitely missing out on revenue and your customers are not getting the machines they want to play.